Sorors welcome back to the 2017-18 sorority year! 

Summer is coming to an end, children have returned to school to begin another year and now it is time for St. Louis Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter to get back into the full swing of working for Delta providing service to our community. 

Some of us have never really stopped working because there is behind the scenes work some committees continue to do during the summer months and some committees that begin planning for the new year as soon as the previous work for the year which has just ended is completed. There is more than enough work to do and there is still room on most committees for more members to sign up. 

Our financial membership is continuing to grow and we look forward to continuing to reclaim our Sisters who are ready to return to the lifetime commitment each of us made when we were initiated into this glorious sisterhood. We are still experiencing an impressive number of sorors who are transitioning from undergraduate chapters into St. Louis Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter. We welcome all our sisters, regardless of how and when they come and look forward to only becoming stronger and stronger as more return to active membership. 

Your representatives who attended the 53rd National Convention really let Grand Chapter know who we are by winning several awards at the regional level and a national award for our Heritage & Archives presentation. Now we are ready to get back to work, keep the momentum going and put us in position for similar, if not better awards next year at the Central Region Conference. 

Remember sorors, Membership in Delta Sigma Theta is a lifetime commitment. We need every soror to help with at least one initiative so we can really begin to make a difference in our community and in the world. 

Always Sisterly,

Richelle S. Clark

Richelle S. Clark

Chapter President, St. Louis Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter